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What do we need to bring?

The most important thing (other than your dog) would be proof of current vaccinations. This MUST include Kennel Cough. ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH ON ARRIVAL. If your dog has favourite bedding (No Bean Bags) or a favourite jumper, toy etc. you are welcome to bring this. We can provide trampoline beds and have plenty of blankets available if needed. Food is provided, cooked mince with veggies and pasta, chicken necks and cubes. Please feel free to bring your own if your dog has special requirements.


What exercise is available?

We have 4 large, grassed and shaded yards. Your dog is given individual yard time several times during each day. A minimum 15 minute walk is provided every morning.


What cost is involved?

Our price varies with the size of your dog and also whether the dog will stay within the INDOOR or OUTDOOR Kennels (Yes, we provide both indoor and outdoor boarding). We run on a 24 hour clock, time starts when your dog is dropped off. Please give us a call to ask specific prices for your dog.


What form of payment do you take?

We accept cash, cheque or direct deposit.


Do we give medication?

YES, you can be assured your dog will receive their required medication if needed.


What are your open hours?

We are quite flexible, we are able to cater for anyone between the hours of 8am and 8.30pm but we do prefer you call in advance to organise a time to meet. WE ARE CLOSED BETWEEN 1PM AND 4PM EACH DAY.

Wet Noses Kennels
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